Friday, March 20, 2009

Silver Palomino (Day 193)

Buena Vista Social Club - "Orgullecida"
Samantha Crain & The Midnight Shivers - "Rising Sun"

Don't worry, I've never heard of her either. I guess I downloaded some blog's 2008 compilation called HearYa: Earwood Vol. 1. I think some of the artists on there appealed to me (I'm pretty sure Port O'Brien was one of them). Naturally it just got sucked into the void of 12,509 songs. But you know what? Ms. Crain's got a real nice voice - - kinda Edie Brickell like ('member her?). I'm digging her laid-back folksy charm. Meanwhile, I always liked the band name construction of band leader & band name. Like: Bob Dylan & The Band (classic), or Ryan Adams & The Cardinals (recent). My all time favorite example: Bob Willis & His Texas Playboys. Yours?
Buena Vista Social Club - "Armor De Loca Juventud"
Bruce Springsteen - "Silver Palomino"
David Bowie - "Art Decade"
The Who - "I'm One"

Pavement - "The List Of Dorms"

Teenage Fanclub - "Guiding Star"
The Racounteurs - "Five On The Five"

Cut Chemist - "(My 1st) Big Break"

Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova - "Broken Hearted Hoover Fixer Sucker Guy"

The Go-Betweens - "No Reason To Cry"

Pixies - "I Bleed"

Miles Davis - "Madness"

And then I got to work.

Today's Stats
Total songs listened to: 14
Total minutes of music (approx.): 47
Song with the most previous plays: "Silver Palomino" - 8
How I Rate Today's Playlist (1-10): 8
Miscellaneous factoid about my trip to work today: Happy spring, NYC - - it snowed this morning! Look...

You can't really tell, but those were some huge-ass flakes coming down. K.C. loved it, naturally.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Crying Won't Help You Now (Day 192)

Guided By Voices - "Always Crush Me"
The Starlight Mints - "Zillion Eyes"
The Raconterus - "Hands"
Flight Of The Conchords - "I'm Not Crying"
Josh Ritter - "Idaho"
Love - "Your Mind And We Belong Together"
Kind of a weird playlist today. I was sort of getting this feeling that I was listening to someone else's iPod, or my own bizarro iPod. Yes the artists were mostly familiar, but the shuffle definitely seemed to be leaning towards those lesser played tunes. Checking the stats at work confirmed it. In fact, 4 out today's 13 songs I was hearing for the first time ever (on the iPod). Meaning I dumped the songs on here and thanks mostly to frequent shuffling never had the chance to listen to them. This was the first first-timer, and I'm surprised because I've certainly got a lot of plays out of the Forever Changes CD at home. I always considered this album by Love and Arthur Lee to be an unsung 60s classic. To me it really sounds dated - - but in a good way. Sometimes you want that baroque, psychedelic sound that still reeks of cannabis. (Love fun fact: Evidently Neil Young was supposed to co-produce Forever Changes, but he got caught up in Buffalo Springfield commitments. Who knew?) Among the other virginal songs today:
"Todo Mundo Pastou II" (Not surprising: It's really one of those tossed-off album closers that sounds like someone let the tape run too long, from the Brazilian band's 1972 album [with a name that just rolls off the tongue] E Seus Cometas No PaĆ­s Do Baurets); "La Bayamesa" (From the infamous Buena Vista Social Club album that I was in love with for a while, but only recently put on my iPod.) and "Blue Clouds" (Just another purdy song from the always underrated Ida.)
Os Mutantes - "Todo Mundo Pastou II"
Josh Rouse - "Life"
Giant Sand - "Lester Lampshade"
Ben Harper - "Crying Won't Help You Now"
Buena Vista Social Club - "La Bayamesa"
The Olivia Tremor Control - "California Demise Pt. 1"
Ida - "Blue Clouds"

And then I got to work.

Today's Stats
Total songs listened to: 13
Total minutes of music (approx.): 40
Song with the most previous plays: "Idaho," "Crying Won't Help You Now" - 8
How I Rate Today's Playlist (1-10): 6
Miscellaneous factoid about my trip to work today: I have a problem. I had plenty of coffee at home (3-4 cups), but when I took my daughter for a muffin I had to order another cup...and then get one at work. I must be peeing pure caffeine.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Hardest Part (Day 191)

The Beastie Boys - "High Plains Drifter"
Guided By Voices - "How's My Drinking"
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - "The Hardest Part"
Pavement - "Summer Baby (7" Version)"
Thao & The Get Down, Stay Down - "Swimming Pools"
Jim James - "Bermuda Highway" (live)
Wilco - "Lookin' For A Lover" (live)
Jim Noir - "Key Of C"
Track Star - "Owen's Ghetto Punch"'
The Thorns - "Thorns"
M Ward - "Poison Cup"
The Forms - "Transmission"
Mercury Rev - "Opus 40"
Damien Rice - "Grey Room"
Stereolab - "Les Bon Bons Des Raisons"
The Sundays - "Summertime"
Hello, blogosphere. Hope you had a good week. I was in the San Francisco area visiting family...with the family. Did you see me? If so, why didn't you say 'hi'? No matter, we can still be friends. Nice, long playlist today which included a trip to the gym as well as work. And as I got to the office this song popped up. I have never mentioned The Sundays before because I only recently put them on my iPod. Not that I'm a huge fan, but I ripped it off a coworker's iTunes in one of those why-the-hell-not moments when I had some fond memory of their breezy early 90s hit "Here's Where The Story Ends." Well the strangest thing happened as this song played. Now I'm almost a 100% sure I've never heard it. I do believe I owned their debut album Reading, Writing and Arithmetic on some format, but I never bought any of their subsequent records. Yet this song gave me an almost immediate and palpable memory. I pictured myself on an airplane listening to this very song on headphones. Really, it was such a strong feeling that I'm pretty convinced it happened. The song is off the album Static & Silence from 1997, which I definitely did not own until 2 weeks ago. Was it a mix someone made for me? Maybe, but I doubt it. My only possible conclusion involves those horribly lame music channels they have on the plane. There's a chance out of boredom I could have put on one of the "alternative" channels to help me fall asleep. Wouldn't that be a trip if I heard this song one time in my life and now, perhaps 10 years later, could place exactly where I was when I did? Has anything like this ever happened to you? The most ironic part is that this song is not that memorable.

And then I got to work.

Today's Stats
Total songs listened to: 16
Total minutes of music (approx.): 56
Song with the most previous plays: "The Hardest Part" - 15
How I Rate Today's Playlist (1-10): 8
Miscellaneous factoid about my trip to work today: My daughter requested I hang out at school this morning before leaving her for 11 minutes. Not 10, not 12...11 minutes.